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Mocht je als student steun nodig hebben, kijk dan ook eens bij Student Support Services. An overview prepared by the public health authority will also assist you in first assessing your own risk of infection. The emergency room of the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is responsible for questions concerning children and young people. greater room ventilation, more distance between the seats involved and the allocation of places at the end of the row. Corona is nog niet het land uit en er is nog geen vaccin of medicijn. On-campus degree-related activities, including examinations, will remain suspended until the end of the 2020/2021 winter semester. The obligation to collect data applies to all events, particularly lectures, examinations and admission sessions, the use of libraries or other university facilities with degree-related operations, booking and using practice, study and work rooms requiring reservation, entering cafeterias and conveniences with visitor traffic, along with visiting the student portal and other advisory and administrative services. In most cases, UB’s plans for the spring semester will mirror operations in the fall in that UB will follow a modified in-person format. Bitte beachten Sie, dass zwischen 24.12. und 3.1. die erweiterten Angebote nicht bedient werden. Entering or returning to Germany is subject to the Ordinance of the Ministry of Social Affairs on quarantine regulations (Corona Ordinance EQ) in the applicable version. Accidental congregating and meeting-up in public is only permitted in order to maintain service operations, public safety and order, or social welfare. De UBL verzorgt de wetenschappelijke informatievoorziening als trusted partner in kennis voor onderzoekers,… Friday                   8am to 3pm Lectures and exams requiring physical presence already approved to take place during this period must be postponed, and it is not necessary to renew the approval. De Universiteitsbibliotheek (UB) van VU Amsterdam is een wetenschappelijke bibliotheek die zowel onderwijs als onderzoek ondersteunt. Since 19 October 2020, the law has provided that, as a general rule, university buildings may only be used for university purposes. Bitte beachten Sie die produktspezifischen Hinweise hinsichtlich der Zugänglichkeit / Authentifizierung. Bibliotheken blijven geopend; ... het rustig raadplegen van niet-uitleenbaar materiaal en/of voor toegang tot de digitale collectie is er zowel in de UB Binnenstad als in de UB USP een beperkt aantal raadpleegplekken ingericht. The mandatory wearing of a mask has been extended to all degree-related activities and during lectures/classes now applies to the lecturers as well. Alle UB-locaties Heidelberg University will continue this arrangement until the end of the lecture period in the winter semester. 16 dec t/m 24 dec: 8.30 - 12.30 Formalities after arriving in Heidelberg Registering your place of residence. Boekenuitleen en -teruggave blijven beperkt mogelijk. 12/8/20. Rooms must be aired appropriately. Scientific or academic cooperation partners of university members, Patients and test persons in scientific studies, Members of partner institutions and their visiting researchers, Service providers needed to maintain university operations, Employees of the university hospital, university construction office and the student services organisation (Studierendenwerk), Tenants of the university, in order to reach their rented premises, Delivery personnel and/or contractors employed by the university, the university construction office and university hospital, or by tenants of the university, Applicants in connection with employment interviews, External members of university governing bodies coming to attend meetings, Employees of other authorities (e.g. If university events – of whatever kind – are held outside the campus, they are subject to the hygiene and distancing rules of the current Coronavirus Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg, unless there are stricter requirements at the local level, in which case the latter will apply. Studenten van de Universiteit Leiden kunnen weer komen studeren in de Universiteitsbibliotheek inclusief de Asian Library, en de bibliotheken bij Rechten, Sociale Wetenschappen, Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen en Bibliotheek Wijnhaven in Den Haag. Kotok Gurito Kepala Humas UB mengatakan, kabar tersebut masih dalam proses pemeriksaan lebih lanjut. Diese Liste befindet sich im Aufbau und wird nach und nach erweitert. Sonderurlaub ohne Entgeltfortzahlung Bei allen drei Varianten gilt, dass die Genehmigung durch die Vorgesetzten, sofern nicht anders möglich, ausnahmsweise per E-Mail erteilt werden kann und später mit dem üblichen Verfahren nachzuholen ist. ; With a VPN connection students and members of the university of Bern and PH Bern have access to all our e-media (databases, e-journals, e-books). It is also necessary to wear a mask during on-campus events in the open air, with the exception of sports classes in the sports grounds, as well as near the entrance inside and outside university buildings or in open-air set-up and waiting areas. Corona-informatie In navolging van overheidsrichtlijnen, doen wij er alles aan om onderwijs en onderzoek te door te laten gaan, en prioriteit te geven aan de veiligheid … Within a week after moving in to your long-term place of residence you are required to register your place of residence at the local Bürgeramt (local municipal office). In every lecture and class, also in the laboratory, it is mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people. In rooms without automatic ventilation, it is generally recommended to open windows every 15 minutes for five minutes, ideally with additional cross ventilation. The supervisors of employees who have to self-isolate at home under the Ordinance will notify the Human Resources Division about the quarantine ordered by the public authority and likewise when the employees return to work. Bitte beachten Sie, dass zwischen 24.12. und 3.1. die erweiterten Angebote nicht bedient werden. The document delivery service HEDD (Heidelberg Electronic Document Delivery) is also still on offer for students of Heidelberg University. Approval of an exception to the rule: If a lecture/class is absolutely necessary to guarantee successful and orderly academic progress in the winter semester and, at the same time, it cannot be replaced by the use of electronic information and communication technology or other distance learning formats, it is possible to apply for an exemption which, according to the Corona Ordinance, must be approved by the Rectorate. Contact via email is possible at impfen @ rhein-neckar-kreis.de. Various publishers are supporting the University of Heidelberg during the Corona crisis by releasing additional or previously unlicensed content. Dezember 2020) Übersicht der Verordnungen des Landes Baden-Württemberg. De studiezalen zijn gesloten vanaf woensdag 16 december. Beredarnya kabar melalui aplikasi chatting dan beberapa media sosial (medsos) soal ada mahasiswa Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Malang yang diduga terjangkit virus corona diklarifikasi pihak kampus. Zur Versorgung der Universitätsmitglieder mit wissenschaftlichen Quellen während der durch das Corona-Aktionsprogramm erforderlichen Bibliotheksschließung bietet die Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg die folgenden Dienstleistungen an. In the case of lecture series, it is necessary to collect contact details for every single event and on every occasion. New e-book packages, e-journals etc. Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, auditor office, accident insurance, regional authority in Baden-Württemberg, City of Heidelberg etc.) Explizit für die Universität Heidelberg freigeschaltet oder inhaltlich erweitert bieten wir an: Letzte Aktualisierung: 22.12.2020    © Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg. The same applies to electronic data collection; here this data protection statement is located online above the interface for entering contact details. Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Heidelberg. The university has drawn up recommendations for action by administrative employees, supervisors and executive staff, students and lecturers. Please be aware there are cases of coronavirus among the UB community. In the event of tracing an infection it may be necessary to confirm this at short notice for the information of the public health authority. The second part should then be filled out by the visitors, users and participants at the respective event. Entry to university facilities is only permitted to those persons who do not manifest any of the grounds for exclusion defined in the Corona Ordinance of the State Government of Baden-Württemberg, such as the typical symptoms of an infection with the coronavirus. Helping mitigate spread of COVID-19 in NYC. Detailed information is available on the website of the Human Resources Division. maandag t/m vrijdag. Please check, however, whether they can be postponed or replaced by digital formats and events. In that case the above-mentioned rules for trips in Germany will apply in the same way. Abbau von Zeitguthaben 2. City of Heidelberg – Corona Information City of Mannheim – Corona Information. The general legal conditions regarding occupational safety and hygiene remain applicable, along with access and participation arrangements. Corona-Verordnung Absonderung (Quarantäne- und Isolationsregeln, gültig seit 1. This applies to students, doctoral candidates, employees and researchers, as well as visiting scholars. Exceptions can only be allowed when going below the minimum distance is required for special reasons or adequate protection from infection is guaranteed by other protective measures. Many publishing houses are supporting Heidelberg University during the coronavirus pandemic by activating additional or so far unlicensed content. Daardoor is de verwachting dat er komend jaar geen studievertraging zal ontstaan tengevolge van corona. +49 6221 54-117). Openingstijden Selfservice (boeken uitlenen/terugbrengen) UB Binnenstad. Every user, visitor or participant at an event is obliged, on entering a room with electronic contact data collection, to carry an electronic device with a scan function, e.g. Another precondition for so doing is observing the hygiene requirements of the Corona Ordinance in the facilities, particularly ensuring adequate fresh air. The department of occupational safety is available for any queries. Het Bindend Studieadvies (BSA) blijft gehandhaafd. Zur Versorgung der Universitätsmitglieder mit wissenschaftlichen Quellen während der durch das Corona-Aktionsprogramm erforderlichen Bibliotheksschließung bietet die Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg die folgenden Dienstleistungen an. #Update 25 March: Veelgestelde vragen rondom aangepaste dienstverlening UB - Alle studiezalen in de Universiteitsbibliotheek (locaties Binnenstad en Zernike) en de Centrale Medische Bibliotheek (CMB) zijn gesloten tot in ieder geval 28 april. Digital course offerings remain unaffected by this. Allgemeinverfügung des Landratsamt Rhein-Neckar-Kreis (152,9 KB) Allgemeinverfügung der Stadt Heidelberg als PDF zum Download (221,4 KB), gültig seit 27. The institutes/facilities and faculties are available to provide support for sudden queries and forwarding contact information. In these rooms there will be no additional paper-based data collection. Openingstijden Selfservice (boeken uitlenen/terugbrengen) UB Binnenstad. The recording of contact details will, wherever possible, be carried out digitally via scanning a QR code when entering the premises. Op deze webpagina vind je de laatste updates over onze dienstverlening ten tijde van corona. In the case of events, also in rented premises, participants are required to wear a mask during the whole event. En aquest espai, es troba tota la informació sobre les orientacions i indicacions per a la docència i l’avaluació no presencial, tots els comunicats i resolucions del Rectorat, com també informació sobre protecció de dades personals en aquest context. UB’s plans for the spring were announced on Dec. 17 in a university-wide email from President Satish K. Tripathi and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs A. Scott Weber. It must then be destroyed as appropriate under privacy law (e.g. Status December 16, 2020 Due to Covid-19 regulations (nationwide lockdown), appointments for international patients can not be … *Update* No events are permitted before 10 January with the exception of necessary meetings of governing bodies. It is not possible to collect pre-ordered media before that date, either. The following arrangements at Heidelberg University take account of the Corona Ordinance on Degree-related Operations and the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg to protect against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in their respective valid versions. Umfang und Vorgehen werden jeweils individuell mit Ihnen abgesprochen. The access to electronic resources at the University of Bern is extended due to the corona situation. Ketua Monevfas UB, Prof Dr Unti Ludigdo Msi Ak, saat konferensi pers mengumumkan data sejumlah 75 pegawai sivitas UB positif terpapar Covid-19, Kamis (3/12) MALANG - Sejumlah 75 pegawai civitas Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Malang terkonfirmasi positif virus corona … Für Ihre wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten bieten wir Ihnen an, in Ihrem Auftrag thematisch zu recherchieren und Literaturlisten zu erstellen. , Virtual Monastic Library of Lorsch , Welscher Gast , historical sources concerning the City of Heidelberg and Heidelberg University, Satirical magazines, early modern legal sources as well as material from our special subject collections and national and international cooperations Only when circumstances do not permit the electronic collection of contact details will there be recourse to a paper-based collection. *Update* The University Library must remain closed to the public until 10 January. Für alle Mitglieder der Universität besteht die Möglichkeit der Bestellung von UB-Beständen zur Lieferung per Post (dieses Angebot gilt bei Übernahme der Versandkosten durch die bestellende Person). Any change or extension of this arrangement will be communicated without delay on this webpage. Business trips to European countries and other international destinations are usually only possible on condition that the Federal Foreign Office has not announced a travel warning. Es gibt folgende, einfache Möglichkeiten, kurzfristig eine Freistellung wahrzunehmen: 1. The following arrangements at Heidelberg University take account of the Corona Ordinance on Degree-related Operations and the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg to protect against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in their respective valid versions. *Update* The University Archive must also remain closed to the public until 10 January. Heidelberg historic literature – digitized Bibliotheca Palatina (Codex Manesse et al.) in connection with their professional duties, Formally invited guests of the university, Employees and invited guests of the constituted student representative body, Associates and members of other institutions for purposes of work or study. Boekenuitleen en -teruggave blijven beperkt mogelijk. The questions of whether there are grounds for suspicion and testing for coronavirus infection is required must be clarified with the Rhine-Neckar District Health Authority. The same applies to ordering books from the holdings of the University Library for members of the university with postal delivery to their homes. The University Computer Centre can give assistance in setting up the IT infrastructure (IT-Support: Tel. In the event of an infection within the university, a central team is also available to advise and support those affected. The paper forms for collecting contact details are supplemented by a data protection statement, which must be on display. maandag t/m vrijdag The latter must be regularly checked, updated and supplemented, particularly regarding forms of ventilation. These arrangements are summarised and set out in a guide to collecting contact details and on access and attendance bans. Follow the guidelines for social distancing adopted by the Federal and State Governments. In onze gebouwen blijft veiligheid en gezondheid voor alle medewerkers en studenten voorop staan. We zullen dit goed blijven monitoren en bij problemen in actie komen. If the public health authority requests information to trace infections, the university will undertake a central coordination of the necessary contact details and contact situations in the rooms.

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